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  • 人工智慧, 醫療器材製造業

心流智醫由一群資深的半導體人,結合專業醫事人才所創立,核心技術是被稱為「脈電圖」(EPG、ElectrosPygmoGraphy)的專利量測技術,這是一種突破性、非侵入式的量測方法,主要是利用電容式加速度計的特性,進行生物資訊蒐集。 相較於健康手環常用的光體積變化感測器(Photoplethysmography,即PPG感測器),脈電圖的原始訊號要來得更準確而且可靠,伏特級的信號強度,大約是PPG的數千倍至萬倍大小,而且雜訊含量極低。因此,脈電圖的資訊含量和可靠度(信度、效度),有極大的優勢。在應用上,近似於血壓計的便利操作,結合人工智慧深度學習系統,對量測的資訊進行解析,讓脈電圖有機會成為最簡單、最有效率的健康管理工具。 作為為健康管理的工具,脈電圖可以提供多種的生理資訊,最直接的是在個人健康管理(非醫材)的應用。而未來期望成為醫療的輔助系統,甚至於對公衛可能的貢獻。這是脈電圖發展的潛力,也是心流智醫全力推動的未來。

LOW EHEALTH utilizes a patented measurement technique known as 'ElectrosPygmoGraphy' (EPG) for core technology which is founded by a group of seasoned professionals in semiconductor technology and medical. It is a non-invasive breakthrough method that offers highly accurate and reliable measurements. Unlike the commonly used Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors in health wristbands, EPG provides significantly stronger signal strength, about thousands to tens of thousands of times larger than PPG, with minimal noise interference. Leveraging artificial intelligence and deep learning, EPG's information is analyzed, making it a potentially efficient health management tool resembling the convenience of a blood pressure monitor. Initially, for personal health management, EPG's potential expands into medical assistance and public health contributions, representing the future actively pursued by LOW EHEALTH.